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Israeli women dating day

Israeli women dating day

He finds his victims on the dating app Tinder and then seduces them with travel by private jet, luxury hotels and expensive dinners. They believe they are dating https://amigfclub.info/blog9/dating-life-559.php wealthy business man, but other women he has swindled are paying for the luxury.

VG has spent six months chasing the swindler across several continents. For months, she believed they were in a relationship and was in daily contact with him. She has given VG access to all text messages, pictures and videos exchanged between them. During the trip he was surrounded by a bodyguard, a business partner and secretary.

Day israeli women dating

Cecilie finds it reassuring that there are other people there. She flies home to London the next day.

Israeli women dating day

One week after the first date Cecilie is overwhelmed. The next week, he returns to London to visit her. The day after they met in Oslo, he asks Cecilie for a favour. Six weeks after the first date During spring, they meet twice in Amsterdam, once in March and once in April. While he travels around the world, she attends open houses.

Twelve weeks after the first date Cecilie is out with friends in London when she suddenly gets a israeli women dating day unpleasant message. Simon has talked a lot about the threats, but they seem a lot more real now that Cecilie has seen what can happen. Simon sends Cecilie a document that is supposed to show that he has repaid the money she loaned him. The document turns out to be false. Thirteen weeks after the first date Cecilie feels like she is doing everything for Simon, but is only getting requests for money in return.

Israeli women dating day

To give him one last chance, she invites him to Oslo. Cecilie realises that the money is gone and the affection is not mutual. She cuts off all contact with Simon.

Cecilie reports Simon in both Norway and England. Shortly afterwards, she contacts VG and shares her documentation. The man Cecilie believed was her boyfriend was convicted of major fraud against three Finnish women, in She recognises her own situation in the stories of the Finnish victims. Cecilie had taken out loans from ten banks to help Simon.

When the bubble burst, her mother Toril helped her israeli women dating day with the banks. Beforehand, we had received help from the well-respected investigative journalist Uri Blau to find out more about who Simon really is. read more

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The police investigator, Hanny Giladi, tell us that Simon had been charged with theft, forgery and fraud back in He never showed up in court, but fled to Europe. Once again, he never showed up. Simon got transferred more thanNOK from Pernilla.

She has also given him airline tickets to Bangkok, she says. She is shocked and angry when she learns that Simon has swindled other women, but does not confront him.

Instead, she agrees to meet him in Munich. She then informs VG about the meeting. Before the meeting Pernilla asks Simon for a guarantee that she will get her money back. He says he will give her a valuable watch.

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Pernilla explains that her relationship to Simon was romantic in the beginning, but became a close friendship. They met for the first time in March It was not until eight months later that he asked to borrow money.

Simon gave Pernilla this watch in Munich. Pernilla has reported Simon for aggravated fraud through social manipulation and threats. VG has repeatedly tried to talk to Simon Leviev, but without success.

Israeli women dating day

Simon Leviev is wanted by the police in Israel, and reported for fraud in Sweden, England and Norway. Norwegian police dropped the investigation.

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